Tesha & Andrew

In 2007, Andrew Dalzell interviewed Tesha Byrne for a job at the University of South Carolina Office of Admissions. She got the job, and she was enjoying her new career when out of the blue, her colleague, Andrew, told her that he had feelings for her.

“We really liked each other a lot,” says Tesha. “And we had a lot of common interests. We both love sports, like football and bowling, and just being together.” But despite having feelings for one another, it wasn’t the time to settle down. The couple couldn’t put their finger on the reason, but they just wanted to wait.

And wait they did. “We dated for ten years,” laughs Tesha. “We became engaged in Ireland on a trip with Andrew’s parents in 2012. We knew we wanted to be together forever, but the time wasn’t right just then.” Andrew attended graduate school, and he and Tesha spent long periods of time apart. In fact, they even questioned whether the marriage would happen at all.

“Sometimes a couple goes through rough patches and growing pains, and long-distance relationships can be tough,” said Tesha. “But we pulled through it, and thankfully, we were both ready to make a commitment, setting our wedding date for late last year.”

At the time of the wedding planning, Andrew lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Tesha lived in South Carolina. Nonetheless, in a short two months, the couple managed to plan their beach wedding on Amelia Island.

“Andrew’s parents had moved to Amelia Island, and it seemed like a beautiful spot. We hired Amanda from Sun and Sea Weddings to handle all the details, and it couldn’t have been more perfect,” says Tesha. “It was to be a very intimate wedding, with only 25 guests, and Andrew’s niece, Alexa as our flower girl. We held the ceremony on the beach in front of the Ocean Club of Amelia, a wonderful venue owned by Ocean Club Events. Director of Events Nigel Teare helped us with the food, and every morsel was wonderful, especially the pineapple casserole!”

Tesha and Andrew did something a little different on their wedding day. Instead of having an officiant stand up in front of the bride and groom, he stayed behind the guests, while Tesha and Andrew spoke their words and vows to their closest friends and family. “This meant a lot to us,” said Tesha. “It truly was our own ceremony.”

The couple’s guests had already gotten to know each other the evening before at a rehearsal dinner held at Joe’s 2nd Street Bistro. The close-knit group was mesmerized by the couple’s ceremony, particularly how they included their parents in the ceremony, and the elegant simplicity with which they spoke their vows. Mary Sue and Julian Dalzell walked their son, Andrew, down the aisle, while the mother of the bride, Roxanne, was escorted by Tesha’s uncle, Brian. Tesha was escorted by her father, Dwight. The ceremony ended with blessing stones being thrown into the ocean by all of their guests.

After the wedding, everyone enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on the patio while photos were taken, and then dove into an elegant, plated dinner created by the superlative staff. Tesha and Andrew entertained their guests with “The Shoe Game,” and everyone danced the night away with Music by Pegge, who coordinated a trio called “The Mix” to play at the wedding ceremony, and whose lead singer emceed the dancing and games. After a “sparkler send-off,” the couple and their loved ones spent the rest of the wedding weekend welcoming in the New Year!

A honeymoon is in the works, but right now, Tesha and Andrew are making memories as husband and wife in their home in Cincinnati, dreaming about their next trip to Amelia Island, where they may be spending their first anniversary!