Bright & Tropical

As wedding flowers trend towards seasonal and tropical, the color palette this season turns bold, with classic blues and brightly colored tropicals.

Roses are red, violets are blue, wow, are this year’s wedding trends looking up for you! From vibrant colors to new statements in floral design and textures, this wedding season brings a host of new ideas to add some pizazz to your special day.

Maybe today’s biggest wedding trend is really no trend at all. How can you make your wedding day a signature event for you and your beloved? Your flowers and wedding décor are the perfect place to lay the foundation for your plan. Looking for inspiration, many brides are thinking back to their childhood and incorporating flowers from their hometowns. Other brides are introducing dried flowers like lavender, baby’s breath, and daisies, which bring unique texture. Dried flowers can also add personality to the celebration, since they can come with stories of the first time the flowers were in the bride’s life, perhaps from the engagement, a family tradition, or another special event.

If you like bright colors, this wedding season is for you. The “green” we’ve seen in past seasons is fading, and bold, vibrant hues are taking center stage. Jump-starting this shift in tone is Pantone’s color of the year—classic blue. If you want to build it into your wedding day, it’s perfect for your “something blue!” Think about your shoes, bridesmaids’ gowns, groomsmen’s ties, linens, and paper.

A natural progression of the color comeback is the move toward modern tropicals with lively palates. This shift is fantastic for our coastal community, with its beautiful natural backdrop. Central to this bohemian movement are sun palms, those fan-shaped palms that make a big statement. Fan-shaped palms are available in almost any color imaginable, including their natural grayish-green hue, which allows them to be utilized in a range of wedding styles and color palettes. Also in line with the modern tropical style are bougainvillas, which burst with red, pink, purple, yellow, or orange hues.

In contrast, designers this season are also highlighting monochromatic palates, a tonal trend leveraging three of four shades of the same color in the design. You can incorporate this look for your bouquets, linens, and even bridesmaids’ gowns! For a more muted feel, think about mauve, blush, and dusty rose; for dominant, try it in reds, purples, or even ombre options with this year’s classic blue!

For all types of design this year, designers and consumers are opting for sustainability. For your wedding day, that can mean choosing in-season flowers, which also come with a gentler price tag. Or perhaps try using a higher-quality bloom in smaller quantities, or design your bouquets to transition to a vase and double as a centerpiece for the reception tables. And for the creative in the crowd, you can also DIY! Brides today are finding their own flowers and taking them straight from the field to the aisle.

Sustainability brings us to minimalism, which transitions naturally to modern, and for this season, geometric and acrylic are in. A unique presentation of this trend is encased arrangements—think about an enclosure you’d see in a gallery. Leverage this look for some of the crowning moments of your event, like the cake display or within the altar design. Additionally, use acrylic! The metallics of seasons past are clearing the way for acrylic as a texture for almost any detail you can imagine, from tables and chairs to signs and vases with LED lights illuminating the stems.
And lastly, if you don’t want a big display of florals—wear them! Blooming jewelry is here, including necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings. Whichever way you decide to carry it, display it, or wear it this season, brides, it’s all about you, so have fun planning how to share your love story at your special wedding celebration.