A Focus on Intentionality

As various themes emerge across the globe in our post-Covid world, these same forces are shaping wedding fashions this season, summed up best by the idea of “intentionality.”

With a new year on the doorstep, a pandemic in the shadows, and new themes emerging in the world, it’s fascinating to watch how these forces come together, especially in wedding fashion! To encapsulate the new trend in the wedding industry, we might call it “intentionality.”

Perhaps this resonates with you, as we have all learned to be more intentional in the last couple of years, whether in spending in time with family after being separated from them, on inclusivity and kindness in a sometimes angry and frustrated world, and on individual and collective creativity. This intentionality is front-and-center with wedding designers, too, as you’ll see in the bold creations they are presenting in wedding attire for the coming season.

One of the first trends of this new era is that the “wedding” extends on the front and back ends of the “wedding day.” This expansive trend requires the bride to plan a full wedding wardrobe, and designers are ready to offer all the options for a cohesive look from event to event.

One prominent bridal guide noted that there is now an unspoken understanding that what the bride wears to her bridal shower or day-after brunch can be just as striking as the wedding gown. From party dresses in white, to bridal swimwear, and even themed pajamas, brides are coordinating their outfits from one event to the next for self-expression, and of course, all the attention!

For the bespoke wedding day, brides have a collection of options to add some “wow” to the day, starting with color and pattern. In seasons past, we’ve seen pink, red, and even black debut, and now it’s time for blue to take the stage. Whether a light blue gown, an accent on the shoes, a blue flower girl dress, or in accessories, it’s easy to find that “something blue” this year.

Patterns are equally prevalent, with floral trends continuing to blossom in both earthy tones and the 3D florals that we are wild about in the bridal offerings of Mira Zwillinger, Lela Rose, and Oscar de la Renta.

In the meantime, bows continue to “take a bow,” but they are a bit more conservative this season. Designers have untied their creativity and accentuated bows as train ties cascading down the backside gowns, featured them within cutouts on the bodice, and continue to delicately use bows to accent waist sashes as well.

As for the style of gown, all the options are available. From 1990s-style slip dresses and minis (think Love Shack fancy!) to traditional ballgowns, all styles are on the table. And they are showing up in all sizes! With intentionality, size inclusion is emerging like never before on the runways. If you’re into that slip dress, this season checkout the open and cowl back options, which are absolutely stunning. If you’re more of a glamor girl, the ballgowns with all their splendor might be right for you. You can also consider a variety of necklines for your gown, including off-the-shoulder with sleeves, straight, a-symmetrical, and mock.

Maybe it’s just too hard to choose, as designers are encouraging brides to accessorize this season for a blend of it all! Popular accessories include mini-length veils, which are short and striking. Gloves, especially long ones that extend above the elbow, are trending and available with plenty of options, including beaded, lace, or transparent. Belts are also shot and can be found adorning ball gowns and pants suits in particular. And last but not least, capes are still here in either long, a-symmetrical, high collar dramatic or sexy and transparent selections.

Brides, as you set out to make all these choices, we invite you to do as the designers have done—have fun, be intentional, and make choices that will keep you smiling during your wedding event and with lots of happy memories for the rest of your lives. From Amelia Island Weddings Magazine, congratulations and best wishes for a bright future ahead!